Gen 2 Cubone (NU) [QC 2/2] [GP 0/1]


name: Agility Recipient
move 1: Earthquake
move 2: Rock Slide
move 3: Swords Dance
move 4: Substitute / Hidden Power Bug
item: Thick Club

Cubone looks useless on paper in GSC NU with its absolutely awful stats, but it has a solid niche thanks to Thick Club doubling its Attack. As a result, Cubone is arguably the best and most dangerous recipient of Agillity pass, capable of OHKOing almost everything in the metagame after it uses Swords Dance. By receiving an Agility boost from Ledian, Farfetch'd, or the less common Ariados, Cubone can very easily end games when it gains +2 Attack and +2 Speed. Cubone also has decent physical bulk, giving it a few opportunities to setup against strong physical attackers like Stantler, avoid having its Substitute broken by any resisted Rock- or Poison-type attacks, and notably having a 49% chance to survive Pineco's Explosion. Cubone is next to worthless outside of its incredible Attack though, being very slow, while also having poor longevity since it is frail and can't hold Leftovers. In addition, its +2 Earthquake fails to OHKO certain Water-types like Azumarill, Kingler, and Dewgong, and other bulky Pokemon like Wigglytuff also have a chance of surviving.

Earthquake is Cubone's best STAB attack and threatens the to OHKO the numerous Poison-, Rock-, and Fire-types in GSC NU. Rock Slide is also mandatory to hit Flying-types like Xatu and Fearow as well as other threats like Pineco. Swords Dance rapidly boosts Cubone's attack, turning it into a near unwallable threat at +2 Attack. It should be noted that due to how overflow mechanics in GSC, Cubone should never use Swords Dance more than once, as its Attack stat will overflow and it will do very little damage. Substitute is generally preferred for Cubone's last move, as it lets it dodge status moves such as Gloom's Stun Spore and avoid taking heavy damage from Explosion. Hidden Power Bug is also an option to hit Grass-types such as Exeggcute, Bayleef, and Tangela, but these Pokemon are uncommon in GSC NU, leaving Substitute as the preferred option.

Cubone should virtually only be used on Agility Pass teams, as it is incredibly slow, quite frail, and outclassed by other paralysis abusers like Kingler. Pokemon that can pass Agility are close to mandatory partners for Cubone, and the traditional choices for this role are Farfetch'd and Ledian. Farfetch'd can notably save Cubone a turn as it can pass Swords Dance to Cubone itself, while Ledian can also pass Barrier or set up Light Screen to help Cubone set up. Ariados is another less common Baton Passer that can also trap a foe with Spider Web. It is worth nothing that Dugtrio is the only Pokemon in GSC NU able to outspeed Cubone at +2 Speed, though it is only capable of 3HKOing. Spikes support from Pineco is another way of supporting Cubone, as the chip damage notably gives it a chance to OHKO Azumarill and almost guarantees an OHKO on Dewgong, Lickitung, and Dunsparce.

- Written by: [[Holly, 508601]]
- Quality checked by: [[username1, userid1], [username2, userid2]]
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It might be worth mentioning that Cubone actually has pretty decent physical bulk, which helps it find a turn to set up SD. (e.g. it has a 49% chance of living Pineco Explosion)

Apart from that, looks good. QC 1/2
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I think it is worth mentioning that Dugtrio is the only mon that is faster than a +2 speed Cubone, but can only 3HKO.
Another point about Cubone's bulk is that its Substitute cannot be broken by any resisted poison or rock type moves. This is most notable against Gloom, who cannot touch Cubone without HP Grass. Very niche interaction, so up to you to include it.

Otherwise looks great.

QC 2/2 once done.

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